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After our conversation that night, Ben is doing a new breakthrough.

In the drink list, a short description of the philosophy of each blend is now added. The climax is, he changes the name of our coffee shop into:

C O F F E E  P H I L O S O P H Y
Find Yourself Here

The name of our coffee shop along with its tagline turns out to be very popular. I observe that more and more people stop, read, and enter the shop with their curiosity, anxious but hopeful, just like entering a tent of a soothsayer. And without looking at the crystal ball, our profit skyrocketed.

Now, our visitors are not merely the coffee lovers, but those who don’t like coffee at all also come and visit. The latter are the curious people who in the end are willing to taste our coffee to curb their curiosity. There is also a philosophy-crazed group, who enjoy their discussion with Ben more than the coffees they order, who eventually become our regulars as well.

Not only that, Ben also designs small cards that he distributes to every customer who orders a coffee. The card reads: “THE COFFFEE YOUR DRANK TODAY IS: …” with its philosophical explanation. They slip the card into their pocket, bag, wallet, as a lucky charm that adds hope into their days. Sometimes I hear them start to refer to our coffee shop with their own version of a pet name like Fil-Kop, So-Pi, Filo, FK, and so on.

The entire breakthrough Ben did turns this coffee shop into a new magnet, that is to say its presence becomes a small philosopher, a confidant. Our shop is not merely a stopover place, but also a part of their personal life, like a friend.

And what I thought to be incredible turns out to be nothing. That night Ben reveals to me, when we breathe in our first hot coffee of the day, late night on the bar stools.

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