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Early in the morning Ben calls his challenger. Exactly at 4 pm, the person comes together with his girlfriend.

Anyone will be willing to change fate with him. From his first step into the shop, his aura relays success, wealth, and his girlfriend; she doesn’t need any photography tricks to capture her beauty.
Witnessed by our customers whom we deliberately invited, Ben serves his first cup of Ben’s Perfecto with a tense expression.

The gentleman sips, holds his breath, and then exhales slowly while saying, “This life is perfect.”
Our small shop erupts in loud applaud. Everyone cheers.

The gentleman pulls out a cheque. “Congratulations. This coffee is perfect.”
In return, Ben gives him a Coffee Philosophy card. It’s written:


It means:
Success is the Manifestation of Life’s Perfection

The gentleman laughs loudly upon reading the card. “I agree! I will always keep this card,” he says, and put the card in the pocket of his expensive suit.

The same goes for days after. After Ben’s Perfecto was created, our profit increases -manifolds.

The drink becomes the favourite of every customer as well as the allure for new customer to come. 

Even though it’s more expensive than the other drinks, the satisfaction from Ben’s Perfecto is not available anywhere else. The fame of the drink has also attracted the attention of foreigners, and every one of them is astonished when they try it.

No one expects that they will find a coffee concoction as earthshaking as that one in Jakarta, in a small shop called Coffee Philiosophy.

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